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About us

The accumulator plant "Alkor" is put into operation in 2005 to Tyumen (Russia).

The plant makes automobile starter lead-acid rechargeable batteries in hybrid (Sb/Ca) and calcium technology(Ca/Ca).

Ca/Ca batteries differ from competitors in PUNCH technology - it is the most modern manufacturing techniques of plates of accumulators by a stamping method with application difficult alloys alloyed by silver.

Today in Russia this technology is completely mastered only at the accumulator plant "Alkor".

The PUNCH technology allows significantly to increase service life of rechargeable batteries!

The Alkor plant is equipped with the most modern equipment made by leading companies of the USA, Canada, Italy, Austria, such as ACCUMA ENGINEERING, MAC, TECK COMINCO METALS, WIRTZ, OAK, BM Rosendal. These are recognized world leaders in release of the hi-tech equipment for production of automotive batteries. Alkor have all necessary for production:

• lines for assembly,

• mills on production of lead powder,

• lines of production of plates,

• forming of batteries,

• preparation of water and electrolyte,

• packing and warehouses,

• production of monoblocks and accessories,

• printing house,

• test station,

• chemical and spectral laboratory.

The accumulator plant "Alkor" has wide regional dealer network across Russia – more than 35 partner companies having own warehouses and outlets.

Large regional partners provide product sales through own retail chain stores, participate in regional tenders and competitions and also sell products through light wholesale buyers.

Guarantee and service certificates before the final buyer are also assigned to the regional partner – it provides the fast solution of the questions connected with service of batteries.

The right of sales of products of the Alkor plant in the allocated territory is confirmed by the contract and the certificate.

For export we offer automotive starter rechargeable batteries of the SPACE Ca/Ca and BURAN Ca/Ca trademarks.


  • SPACE Ca/Ca
  • Тюменский медведь
  • Tyumen BatBear
  • Tyumen BatBear Ca/Ca
  • ЯМАЛ
  • Аrctic Batbear
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